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Ch MuddyFlats Shutter Speed RE

Date of Birth: March 5, 2021

Gender: Female

Colour: Liver

Bred By: Blazingstar & MuddyFlats 

Co-Owner: Elizabeth Saunders





Stevie is the puppy we kept from our first litter. She's a lovely liver female with plenty of spunk. 


Shortly after her first birthday, Stevie got her Rally Novice (RN) title with 3 fantastic scores. She finished her Canadian Championship when she was a year and a half. We're looking forward to getting her out for her first hunt this fall.

Stevie is a hilarious dog who loves shoes. Thankfully, she doesn't chew them up, but she does move them around the house. I've woken up with a shoe beside my face or piled on top of me on the bed. Stevie has a big 'smile', just like her dad. Any time she's feeling big feeling (excited, happy, nervous), she bears her front teeth in a big smile. 

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