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What are Puppy

Questionnaires for?

1Flat-coated Retrievers are wonderful dogs, but are not the ideal dog for every home situation. They are lively and clever and are considered to be the "Peter Pans" of the dog breeds as they are slow to mature both physically and mentally. They are not the kind of dog that settles down at a year old and is happy to lie by the back door all day long. They need a job to do, plenty of exercise, attention and mental activity. We love this about them, but recognize not everyone wants to live with an 'eternal puppy'. It's more work not to exercise them than it is to exercise them. 

The information in this application will help us to decide if you are a suitable home for one of our puppies. If we do feel that your home is a good fit for one of our Flat-coated Retrievers, the information provided below will help us to match the right puppy to your home and lifestyle.

Written by Liz Saunders & used with permission.

Puppy Questionnaire
Do you rent or own your home?
What type of home do you live in?
Gender Preference
Colour Preference
*Please note*
The more specific your preferences, the longer it may take to match a puppy to your home.

Exercise & Training

As well as the basics such as food, veterinary care, and grooming, Flat-coat puppies and adults need: 
- attention
- exercise
- mental activity
If they are missing just one of those things, they can become destructive in the home and become difficult to live with. While on-leash walks are an acceptable way to get some of their exercise in, Flat-coats also need a chance to run and explore off-leash.
Are you planning to do any of the following with your dog?


Unfortunately, Flat-coats are prone to several types of cancers. Recent research has found that the sex hormones have protective effects against these cancers. We recommend that our owners wait as long as possible before spaying or neutering, and our preference is to leave the dog intact for it's life if possible. Neutering or spaying before the growth plates in bones have closed can cause orthopedic issues and increased risk of serious injury (ie - torn cruciate ligaments). In Flat-coats, bone growth is complete by about 16-18 months age. (We are happy to provide you with supporting scientific references for this recent research). 
We request that our puppy buyers get their dog's hips x-rayed and submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) between the ages of 2 and 3 years old. This test can cost about $300-$600 depending on your area and whether the dog has to be sedated for the x-rays. This test helps us to make better breeding decisions in the future and perhaps more importantly, you will know if your dog is sound enough to be participating in strenuous activities.

We also ask that eye testing be done at least once during the dog's lifetime by a board-certified opthalmologist. This test is relatively inexpensive (about $40-$60). 

Dogs used for breeding require additional testing (patellas, elbows, annual eye exams, etc).


Thanks for submitting!

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