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Our dogs are purebred, and are registered with the
Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).
Every puppy we produce will also be registered with the CKC.

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Check out the FCRSC breeder list to find other breeders in Canada.

If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from us, please fill out our puppy questionnaire.


Matching Puppies to Homes

We believe that matching puppies to the right home will ensure that our dogs and their owners will thrive in their lifetime together.


We evaluate our puppies in many ways; health, structure, temperament, energy level, and natural working ability. While there are no perfect puppies, owners, or matches, we do our best to match puppies to homes they can thrive in.

- Colour and Gender Preferences - 

While puppy buyers may request a particular gender or colour, these requests will only be considered after matching for health, structure, energy level, and working ability. Puppies will be matched to the best homes based on the above characteristics first, while gender and colour preferences will be considered lastly.

Because liver is a recessive gene, only 7.5% of the Flat-coat population are liver in colour. We won't be producing many liver puppies, but receive many requests for liver dogs. Black and liver puppies will be placed into the homes that are the best matched for them based on the puppy's aptitude and temperament and the expectations and lifestyles of the home. We cannot guarantee that homes will get their colour preference, as it is not a priority in placing puppies.

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