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GCh Kistryl Toffee CD RE

Date of Birth: April 14, 2018

Gender: Female

Colour: Liver, carries yellow

Bred By: Kistryl Flat-coated Retrievers

Co-Owner: Elizabeth Saunders

Hips: OFA GOOD  FR-6492G28F-VPI

Elbows: OFA NORMAL  FR-EL3376F28-VPI

Eyes: NORMAL, gonioscopy mildly affected  FR-EYE1134/29F-VPI-GONIO

Patellas: OFA NORMAL  FR-PA3035/28F/P-VPI

Advanced Cardiac: Clear  FR-ACA86/49F-VPI

Cricket recently completed her Canadian championship. She won a Best Baby Puppy in Group at her very first dog show. Cricket is an elegant bitch with a beautiful and correct head with excellent fill below and between her eyes. She is well constructed with correct angles and a pronounced sternum. She moves well with her wagging tail carried straight off her back, continuing her level top-line. 


Cricket is very birdy and has shown great aptitude in both land and water retrieving. She began hunting with Mark at a year and a half of age where she excelled and proved to be an excellent and eager hunting companion. She completed her Rally Excellent title by the time she was 15 months placing 5th Flat-coat in Canada in 2019.


Cricket is a lively and energetic dog who is determined, confident, and like most Flat-coats, a little mischievous. One of Cricket’s favourite 'jobs' is to spread firewood from Mark’s well kept piles all over the yard. She is an absolute sweetheart.

Cricket's Genetic Diversity Certificate.
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