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Avidog Puppy College

While we make every effort to raise smart, confident, 'bomb-proof' puppies, the work only begins with us and needs to be carried on by the puppy's owners. It is imperative for puppies to receive intentional and consistent training and socialization in the first year of their lives.


We recommend the Avidog Puppy College Program and hope that each of our puppy buyers will purchase this program.

Avidog Puppy College includes 5 parts:

1. Online self-paced classes (house training, crate training, socialization, important life skills, preventing problems, safe exercise and fitness, healthy diet and nutrition)

2. Weekly live coaching calls where you can get your questions answered by dog training experts

3. Weekly email office hours where you can receive written guidance for your pup's challenges

4. Private Facebook Group

5. A growing resource library with quick info on specific problems


Flat-coated Retriever Society of Canada


If you own a Flat-coat or love the breed, please consider joining the Flat-coated Retriever Society of Canada.

This is a great way to connect with the Flat-coat community, to stay up-to-date about events, and to learn more about the breed.


The society puts out a great publication (Flat-out) for it's members a few times a year.


The membership is approximately $30 yearly.

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