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Rider x Cricket

Whelped on March 12, 2024

BPIS BISS MBIS GChEx Am GCh Butterblac Rider at Freestyle WC

Hips: Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

Patellas: Normal

Eyes: Clear

July 27, 2007 - June 2018

Pure for black

GCh Kistryl Toffee CD RE

Hips: Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

Patellas: Normal

Eyes: Clear (gonioscopy

mildly affected)

DOB: April 14, 2018


Liver, carries yellow


Cricket whelped a litter of 10 puppies on March 12th from 12:45 until 6:10 am. She was massive, so I shouldn't be surprised there were so many puppies. As expected, they are all black. All puppies are thriving!

Cricket didn't have any trouble birthing them, and is already doing an excellent job mothering them. She's settling in now for a well deserved rest. 

The breeding was done using frozen semen. I drove back and forth to Red Deer during the extreme cold snap to have Cricket bred artifically at the repro clinic. It was well worth the effort because we ended up with 10 of Rider's babies.

Here's a funny fact: Rider (the sire to this litter) is Angus' dad (the sire for our previous litter), which makes these new babies aunties and uncles to our previours litter.

I'll update this page weekly, so make srue to check back in.

Week 1

The puppies hae had a busy week eating, sleeping, and growing. Everyone continues to thrive.

Cricket has been busy nursing, mothering, and getting rinsed off in the bath tub. She has been busy digging a den for her puppies in a flower bed every chance she gets. Because the weather has recently warmed up and the snow is beginning to melt, it's a muddy mess outside. We come by our kennel name quite honestly. 

Even though the puppies don't do much at this point, it has been a  very busy week as I keep them supervised at all times. Puppies can easily die accidently if their dam lays on them. My mom cleared her schedule for the week to help me with the younger kids and puppy supervision which was such a gift.

The puppies get nail trims every 3 days. They've also been introduced to some new smells this week in order to give them some etra stimulation while their ears and eyes are still closed. 

Week 2

The puppies continue to spend their days eating and sleeping. They are growing quickly and I've been having to let their collars out regularly. I can no longer put them all in the warming box while I clean their pen because of how big they've gotten.


Towards the end of the week their eyes began to open. They are beginning to get their feet up under them and are starting to walk rather than crawl. Nobody has yet escaped the whelping box, but I did catch Red in the act and then added another board to the entrerance. 

Cricket continues to be a great mom. She is enjoying taking breaks from the puppies now that they are a little older. In her free time, she likes to head outside to dig a burrow for the puppies. 

I continue to sleep in the whelping room at night to make sure nobody accidentally gets squished during a nighttime feeding. I'm counting down the days until I can head back to my soft bed (1 more week!).

Week 3

There were many changes in the whelping room this week. The puppies continued to grow and change. They are walking well now and a few have outgrown their first collars. Their fur is much longer now, and their collars are often hidden behind it. They have been mouthing on our hands, the toys in their whelping box, and the another. While they still spend the bulk of their time eating and sleeping, they are starting to spend some time awake now. 

The biggest news of the week is that I introduced potty boxes to their pen early this week and have begun training them to go to the bathroom in them. While it is still very early, there have already been many successes and I'm very proud of them. While it is extra work to potty train them right now, it will be well worth the effort as it will be much less mess for me in upcoming weeks, and the puppies will be half-ways house trained by the time they go home to their new families. 


It's been a challenge to get enough food into Cricket, considering the amount of milk she is producing. She's currently eating 3x her normal daily amount, and I would like to increase it even more. Some of the puppies are beginning to show some interest in her food.