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Rider x Cricket

Whelped on ...

BPIS BISS MBIS GChEx Am GCh Butterblac Rider at Freestyle WC

Hips: Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

Patellas: Normal

Eyes: Clear

DOB: July 27, 2007

Pure for black

GCh Kistryl Toffee CD RE

Hips: Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

Patellas: Normal

Eyes: Clear (gonioscopy

mildly affected)

DOB: April 14, 2018


Liver, carries yellow

At 1:07 am on April 27th, Cricket whelped a single female puppy. She is a lively 'little' thing, who was actually a pretty big girl weighing in at 471g. The whelping was smooth and uneventful, and Cricket has settled into motherhood once again. 

I was able to speak to our reproductive vet tech about some paperwork and she was surprised to hear Cricket had a singleton. She looked over Cricket's file and was able to confirm there were at least 4 puppies on the day of her ultrasound. I suspect the reabsorption was due to dress shortly after the ultrasound. I took Cricket to a 3 day indoor dog show and I would imagine her body told her it wasn't a good time for a litter. It was a tough lesson learned for me.

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