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Pippin x Cricket

Whelped on April 27, 2022

Ch Prairielight
Living Daylights CDX WCX MH

Hips: Excellent

Elbows: OFA Normal

Patellas: Normal

Eyes: Clear

DOB: February 11, 2007

Pure for black

GCh Kistryl Toffee CD RE

Hips: Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

Patellas: Normal

Eyes: Clear (gonioscopy

mildly affected)

DOB: April 14, 2018


Liver, carries yellow

At 1:07 am on April 27th, Cricket whelped a single female puppy. She is a lively 'little' thing, who was actually a pretty big girl weighing in at 471g. The whelping was smooth and uneventful, and Cricket has settled into motherhood once again. 

I was able to speak to our reproductive vet tech about some paperwork and she was surprised to hear Cricket had a singleton. She looked over Cricket's file and was able to confirm there were at least 4 puppies on the day of her ultrasound. I suspect the reabsorption was due to dress shortly after the ultrasound. I took Cricket to a 3 day indoor dog show and I would imagine her body told her it wasn't a good time for a litter. It was a tough lesson learned for me.



We've had a wonderful few weeks with Spicy. Mark dug out out a duck from our freezer to throw for her and we were thrilled to see how birdy she is, and how keen she is to retrieve. Initially she was hesitant to bring the duck back, but soon discovered that returning it meant to retrieving game could continue. She was pretty reluctant to release her treasure though. 

Raising a singleton turned out to be a very special experience for me. Overall, it felt extremely easy (especially after having 10 in the previous litter). We were able to spend so much time one-on-one time with her.


Going into this breeding, I had been considering keeping a puppy. I spent many weeks wrestling over whether I should hang onto Spicy to hopefully use in my breeding program one day. In the end, I placed her with a wonderful family who I think is perfectly suited for her. I'm looking forward to still having the opportunity to show her off at dog shows in the future.

Introducing 'Marlo' - Muddyflats Flying Solo.

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