Pippin x Cricket

Whelped on April 27, 2022

Ch Prairielight
Living Daylights CDX WCX MH

Hips: Excellent

Elbows: OFA Normal

Patellas: Normal

Eyes: Clear

DOB: February 11, 2007

Pure for black

Ch Kistryl Toffee CD RE

Hips: Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

Patellas: Normal

Eyes: Clear (gonioscopy

mildly affected)

DOB: April 14, 2018


Liver, carries yellow


At 1:07 am on April 27th, Cricket whelped a single female puppy. She is a lively 'little' thing, who was actually a pretty big girl weighing in at 471g. The whelping was smooth and uneventful, and Cricket has settled into motherhood once again. 

I was able to speak to our reproductive vet tech about some paperwork and she was surprised to hear Cricket had a singleton. She looked over Cricket's file and was able to confirm there were at least 4 puppies on the day of her ultrasound. We're not sure why she would have reabsorbed all but one of her litter, but are so thankful for the sweet puppy who is here. 

Liz warned me not to spoil her, but I'm sure that will be one of the bigger challenges for our family as we raise a singleton.


Weekly Portraits

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Week 1

The week has gone by quickly and with ease. The puppy has been gaining well, but not too much. Earlier this week, I spent time reading about how to raising singletons, since they are missing the stimulation that comes from littermates. 

Often times there are problems with either over-mothering or under-mothering, but Cricket is doing a perfect job.

Unlike Cricket's last litter where we had to make sure everyone was gaining well, we're now weighing twice a day to make sure she's not gaining too quickly :)

She's a strong puppy and is quite skilled at moving around the whelping box already. Any time Cricket steps into the whelping box, I'm amazed at how quickly the puppy finds her to nurse.

The puppy has had her nails cut a couple of times, but I can't say she cares much for it.

Week 2

We've nicknamed the puppy Spice, because she's a spicy little thing. She's growing well and is strong. She climbed out of the whelping box towards the end of the week when she was trying to get to Cricket. She has spent the bulk of the week growing, sleeping, and nursing. This week she has begun to vocalize a bit, and can make little growls, yips, and tiny barks. 

She's had her nails trimmed a few more times, and makes sure to let me know how much she dislikes having it done.

At the 2 week mark, little Spice has already tripled her birth weight. She's starting to get around by walking on all 4's, and her eyes opened towards the end of the week!

This week Cricket has spent time digging a new den that she feels will be a more appropriate place to raise her puppy in. She's been working hard on it :)

Weeks 3 & 4

My weekly updates are already beginning to get away from me. Sorry this one is so late. 

Spicy's eyes were open by the 2 week point, and her ears began to open not too long after that. Once she could hear, she began frequent vocalizing of all sorts.

Spicy finished up her time in the whelping room and got to move into a pen in our living room. She now gets to experience the busyness of our household. 

Towards the end of week 4, Spicy got to venture outside for the very first time. I'm sure it was a bit of an overwhelming experience for her, but she quickly began to enjoy the breeze, the sunshine, and a pile of new smells. I even took her down for a quick introduction to the chickens.

Weeks 5 & 6

The big news in Spicy's world this week was that she began eating solid foods, which she though was amazing. She has a hearty appetite and looks forward to meal times. We've begun early recall work by calling her (pup-pup-puppy) every time we feed her.

Because she's a singleton, we've been able to let her enjoy a lot of time free in the house playing with the other dogs. She and Stevie are the best of friends. Even though she's a tiny little thing, she loves to wrestle with the big dogs. She has also become an expert at escaping her pen. We keep talking about how we need to put the taller pen up but haven't done it yet.

She litter trained extremely quickly (early in week 4). When she is loose in the house we take her outside for potty breaks, and I've been thrilled with how quickly she caught on to peeing within a few seconds of being taken outside. She's very clever and seems to have a great start to house training.

Spicy starts her mornings (doing a lot of crying) at about 4:30 am. Because we have a house full of sleeping kids, Mark pops up to get up with her. I woke up at 5:10 this morning, amazed that she was still quiet and excited that she was finally sleeping in. I snuck out to check on her only to find a sweet little black puppy curled up asleep on the dog bed in the living room - outside of her puppy pen. We really do need to pull out the taller pen today.

Week 7

Spicy has spent much of her week playing outside, as well as enjoying supervised time exploring our house. She has a fantastic start on house training, and is occasionally starting to whine near the door when she needs to head out to the bathroom. She has developed a great love for playing in the water dish, and can make an incredible mess for such a little puppy.

She's been going for regular car rides and has begun crate training. She's now having one nap a day in a kennel.

Stevie continues to be an amazing playmate for little Spicy. She's gentle with her and has great stamina for play. When Spicy wakes up ready to party at 5 am, I bring Stevie out into the living room with me to entertain her while I try to catch a bit more sleep on the couch.

Yesterday I brought Spicy to meet a one year old Portuguese Water Dog named Piper, so that Spicy could have an experience meeting another dog.

Cricket has begun regurgitating her, which is her way of weaning her. And in other gross news, Cricket has recently become smitten with cow pies. She zips off to roll in fresh pies at every opportunity.

Weeks 8 & 9

We've had a wonderful couple of weeks with Spicy. She realized just how much she loves water dishes and finds great delight in making huge messes playing in them. Mark dug out out a duck from our freezer to throw for her and we were thrilled to see how birdy she is, and how keen she is to retrieve. Initially she was hesitant to bring the duck back, but soon discovered that returning it meant to retrieving game could continue. She was pretty reluctant to release her treasure though. 

Raising a singleton turned out to be a very special experience for me. Overall, it felt extremely easy (especially after having 10 in the previous litter). We were able to spend so much time one-on-one time with her.


Going into this breeding, I had been considering keeping a puppy. I spent many weeks wrestling over whether I should hang onto Spicy to hopefully use in my breeding program one day. In the end, I placed her with a wonderful family who I think is perfectly suited for her. I'm looking forward to still having the opportunity to show her off at dog shows in the future.

Introducing 'Marlo' - Muddyflats Flying Solo.