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Flat-coated Retriever

EST 2019


Flat-Coated Retrievers

We have puppies!  
Check out their weekly litter updates here.

Muddyflats is a small, family-run kennel located near Camrose, AB, Canada. We live in the country on a beautiful 80 acre piece of land. We are Mark and Avey Christiansen. I bring the heart and passion to this breeding program, and Mark's role is 'assistant to the breeder'. 


I am a member of the Flat-coated Retriever Society of Canada, and am a full member of BetterBred, and was a platinum member of Avidog before it was sold. Our dogs are first and foremost our companions. They are passionate retrievers who like Mark, eagerly await hunting season in the fall.

We strive to protect and preserve this heritage breed for future generations to enjoy. With every litter, we hope to improve the breed.


Genetic diversity testing (through BetterBred) is an imperative tool we use to help make breeding decisions that will improve the breed. BetterBred  gives us the opportunity to breed for genetically diverse dogs, as well as identifying rare genes in the already small gene pool. It is our mission to produce healthy dogs who are genetically diverse, with remarkable temperaments, strong hunting abilities and correct conformation.

We love Flat-coated Retrievers and enjoy the endless entertainment they provide. They are a beautiful and funny breed who seem to develop their own unique quirks.



are known as the

Peter Pan breed

because they


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