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Anticipated Litter - Spring 2021

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Andi (GCh Blazingstar Black Inca) has been bred to Lync (GCh Blazingstar Galwey WC CD RE RATI RATN CGN Am RN). We will do an ultrasound at the end of January or early February to confirm pregnancy. Should the breeding be successful, puppies are expected early in March 2021. I'm excited about this pairing. Not only are Lync and Andi extremely unrelated (therefore should product puppies who are genetically diverse), but they are both beautiful dogs with lovely temperaments.

Unfortunately, first couple attempts at breeding resulted in outside ties. We then proceeded to do 2 breedings via artificial insemination. There were many people who put a lot of effort into making these breedings happen. I'd like to thank the team - Liz, Andy, Karin, Dave, Jolene, Pat and Wendy.

The first 2 pictures are Andi, and the second 2 are Lync.

Pictures of Lync are compliments of Liz Saunders - Blazingstar Flat-coated Retrievers.

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