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Cricket's First Hunt of the Season

I told Mark earlier this year that I wanted to do a few hunting trips with him this fall so that I could get some pictures of the dogs working.

Being the wise man that he is, he knew he needed to make sure I was happy, comfortable, and warm in the duck slough. He bought me my own pair of chest waders and a warm coat. I can't take myself seriously dressed like this, but thought pictures needed to be posted.

Earlier in September, we took Cricket out and I got some great shots of her working. The natural drive and instinct these dogs have completely blows me away. This was only her 3rd hunting trip and she knew exactly what to do.

Mark and Cricket got 4 ducks that night. When I called her in with her first duck, she brought it straight to me and I suddenly realized I was going to have to touch the thing. I'm very proud of myself for taking all 4 dead ducks from her mouth with my bare hand - that was completely out of my comfort zone.

We've got a bit of work to do to teach her some steadiness. She whined with excitement almost the entire time we were out in the water. But, what a dynamite little retriever she is.

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